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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Big Toe Joint Arthritis: Email Advice

Hi Dr. Blake, 
I recently found your videos on YouTube.

I was wondering if you do any Skype evaluations. 
Dr. Blake's comment: I am sorry, right now I do not. I will in the future however. 

I have a problem with my right big toe lacking full ROM. I jammed it really hard about 7 years ago going from a headstand into chaturanga (low push up position) intentionally in a yoga class.

I guess I did not have my right foot flexed enough. It really hurt my big toe which felt sore to walk on for several weeks. It never had full ROM after that when I flexed my foot. But I kept working that range of motion until my toe would not bend anymore thinking I needed to work the ROM so I would not lose it.

Six months ago I went to a physical therapist and asked him to work on my big toe. He held my big toe and extended it and moved it around. He said he felt increased ROM when he was moving my big toe but I did not feel anything. However after I left my foot really hurt around my 4th metatarsal which turns out had a stress fracture that I discovered after I finally went to a podiatrist for an x-ray. 
This really made me pay a lot of attention to my foot. I attached the x-rays. It looks to me like the sesamoid bones are out of alignment. But I am not sure - the podiatrist did not say anything about that.

This x-ray shows lateral compartment arthritis in the big toe joint

Do you do Skype consultations? Does it look like the sesamoid bone is out of place and if so is there a way to heal that without surgery?
My posterior right arch collapses a bit when weight bearing.

I live in Asheville, NC and do not really know of anyone who is really good at helping me from a holistic point of view.
Dr. Blake's comment: Look at the AAPSM directory list. This is the sports medicine aspect of podiatry. See who is near you in North Carolina. I think your treatment is for Hallux Rigidus, or just arthritis of the big toe joint. Rich

I would appreciate any advice. I really want to address this problem and find a good solution. I am willing to do the work to make changes.

Thank you. 

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