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Thursday, March 21, 2019

More on Minimalistic Shoes: Great Video

     I love shoes period. I think shoes protect our feet and give us support and cushion when we need it. And, as a podiatrist, I treat injuries or patients who are biomechanically stressed. By that I mean, some patients (whether they are runners, hikers, cyclists, etc) need a correction in their gait or structure, just to be aligned right to avoid injury. The video above is very well done and fun to watch. My problem is that their thinking is too narrow. They should come out and say that some people may get injured going without cushion and without support, and that those patients should be able to wear shoegear that corrects. It is up to the health care provider, athlete, and shoe stores to figure out what they need. I certainly could not walk as much if I did not have cushion and support. Some people do just fine with a minimalistic approach. But, my waiting room is filled with patients who can not walk without aids, and cushioned shoes, and who may be trying to slow down their knee arthritis from needing a replacement. I think a healthy runner should have traditional, maximalistic and minimalistic shoes in their closet. Alternating is very very healthy. Staying in the same enviroment is unhealthy. We all have to learn from each other. Everyone should do more strengthening and flexibility work. Everyone should do various forms of exercises. Everyone should try to find out how to do these things safely and with no pain. I have no idea why 30 years of sports medicine knowledge is being completely thrown away for the potential gains from minimalistic shoegear. Rich

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