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Monday, August 12, 2019

Blogger Contact Question #1: Hiking Shoes for Sesamoids

Blogger Contact Form Question: 
I have been dealing with a healing R sesamoid fracture for almost a year
now. I have graduated to a custom made orthotic with a cut out about 4
months ago and now am interested in trying to attempt light hikes.

Do you have any specific hiking shoes you'd recommend for those with
sesamoid injuries?

Thank you!

Dr. Blake's Response:  It sounds like you are pass the stage where you need a stiff restrictive shoe. Here is the list we give out to our patients to try:

  • Keen Targhee
  • La Sportiva Nucleo
  • Merrell Moab
  • Salomon X Ultra
  • Vasquez Breeze
Of course, the fit is all different for each foot but one of these should help. Bring your orthotics and dancer's padding if separate (Like Dr. Jill's Gel Pads) when you are trying them on.  I hope this helps. Rich


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