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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Blogger Contact Question #2: Sesamoid Pain

Blogger Contact Question #2
I have been diagnosed with sesamoiditis (pending the outcome of a MRI taken
yesterday).  I am not in a boot but I have stopped running (the likely
cause of the injury--overuse and improper footwear).  It has been a week
since I stopped running and my big toe and sole of foot are still
swollen/tender and that concerns me, esp the swelling.  Is that "normal"
and is there anything I can do to expedite the reduction of
inflammation/hasten the healing process other than icing/spica
taping/dancer's pads? Thank you for your time.

Dr. Blake's response:
     The MRI will give us more details to help. The swelling is at this point should be helped with contast bathing 1 minute hot water (100 F) and 1 minute cold water (with a tray of ice cubes) for 20 minutes total. This gets a great pumping action going. Elevation at all times you can think of it. Even having your toes in the air with your heel on the ground causes the swelling to drain from the toe. I like a 30 minute super elevation each day where you put your feet on the couch as you lay on the ground. The swelling is normal, typically for sesamoid fractures then sesamoiditis. It is part of the healing response of your body, but it can be very excessive. Pain free massage with the palms of your hands for 2-3 minutes 3-4 times a day can desensitize the tissue. When you review the MRI, have the doctor show you 2-3 images that are the best that you can take a photo of and send my way. Hope this helps. Rich


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