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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Shoe Wedging for Pronatory or Supinatory Problems

This post is a photo coverage of the common steps I use in shoe wedging for severe supination or pronation issues, that custom foot orthotics are not adequate enough.

This is a patient that had a complication in ankle fusion which left her right foot in varus foot (leaned to the outside) with terrible ramifications for her foot and the rest of her body.

First the midsole of the shoe is split with a 10 or 11 blade scalpel about 2 inches deep and within an inch of the toes.
Here the shoe is being stretched apart to make sure I got adequate cuts
I will then be using 1/4 inch Korex or grinding rubber that I purchase from JMS plastics in New Jersey to form my wedge.
The photo on the left shows the opening is separated as the glue dries. The photo on the right shoes both the shoe and wedge are glued and allowed 20 minutes to dry. The image below this is a closeup of the beveled wedge. 

There the wedge has been placed into the shoe and the excess removed

Superglue will used to seal any gaps 

Final product showed


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