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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plantar Fasciitis: Success Email

Dr Blake,
Your patient with the left foot plantar fasciitis that is virtually gone with your 4 pronged approach.  😊
Dr. Blake’s comment: Simple first visit plantar fasciitis treatment is rolling ice massage for 5 minutes twice daily, plantar fascial wall stretches 3 times a day, Sole OTC inserts, and Quick Tape by Works most of the time if it is pure plantar fasciitis. 

Got up the next day after tennis with oven baked Sole inserts and 0 pain. Just feeling a tiny 0.5/10 “this might return” sensation now that doesn’t limit my activities at all.

Found Quick TapeTM 3 pack on Amazon for $30 but only up to size 11, not my size 12.  I want to have them ready for use on day 1 of a flair.  Was I using regular size up to men’s size 11 from your office or is there a better source?
Dr. Blake’s comment: Use Quick Tape regular size on every one men’s 14 and smaller.

I’m stunned at how effective this has been. Thank you for this great combo treatment that isn’t on UpToDate or other reputable sources.

Look forward to celebrating over coffee, tea, meal and checking out the Sole fit at your convenience


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