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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bunions: FootSmart Night Bunion Splint

dear dr blake - slowing i am putting your suggestions in place for my bunion(s).the orthodics seem to be working well. i went on the foot smart web site and am confused as to which splint for sleeping you suggest. do you suggest that i wear one a night for each bunion? could you advise which on to order as there are many options? 
here are the names:
footsmart bunion regulator
bunion toe straightener
footsmart gel toe spreader
foot smart bunion sleeve with gel 
toe spreading gel bunion shield
pro foot bunion comfort adjuster 
silipos digital toe cap with toe spreader 
toe alignment splint
wheaton bunion brace
fabrifoam bunion sling
toe hold alignment splint

thank you,

And my response:

Katherine, I am impressed with you. Here is the link. Try on both sides, but you need to wear with socks. Rich

This is great when it is hard to separate the first and second toes. What I mean by this is that relative to the less bunion foot, if it is harder to separate these two toes on the side with the worse bunion, it is good to get a splint for night time. The splint gently stretches the tissue between the first and second toes and helps the yoga toes and toe separators work better. 

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