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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Running Routine is Here: Let Marathon Matt Help

Here is the recent email from the San Francisco Marathon Coach Marathon Matt. Subscribe to his free email and let him motive your running career. Contact him at
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March has arrived in lion-like fashion with wind and rain. Can you handle it? 

I often encourage my runners to embrace the opportunity to train in inclement weather.  

It's not because I enjoy seeing my runners cold, wet, and miserable. Quite the contrary...well....most of the time ;)  

I position running in inclement weather as a 'developmental opportunity' (as they say in Corporate America).

Being able to execute in 'perfect' conditions is great, but the best athletes, runners, and performers 'find a way' to perform at a high level DESPITE whatever obstacles or hurdles are in front of them.

Keep this in mind next time you find yourself hesitating to go out and log a few miles because of 'rain'.  Are you a road warrior?   

If epic headwear is one of your 'developmental opportunities', the Marathon Matt Trucker hat is here! $20 and one of these is yours.  

Drop me a line atMARATHONMATT@MARATHONMATT.COM if you want one! 

It's not too late to join Spring 13.1!  

Spring 2012  
Speaking of developmental opportunities, Spring 13.1 launched on 2/18, but you can still join us as the 'test drive' phase is in effect through EOD Saturday!  

Register for Spring 13.1 Half Marathon Training Program in San Francisco, United States  on Eventbrite

 Read on for the rundown on upcoming programs, a killer new race going down in San Jose next week, and more! 
Determination launches on Sunday @ 9AM at Presidio Sports Basement (610 Old Mason St.) 


Most of you on this distribution have done my programs before and chances are most of you simply paid a fee to train with me.

So, why elect to train with me via Determination which entails a fundraising commitment?

-Someone you know has been impacted by cancer. This one is pretty much a no brainer. I've had family members and friends impacted. I imagine everyone reading this email can think of someone directly or indirectly who has dealt with cancer.

-You're interested in saving lives. Not to be melodramatic, but the American Cancer Society has been doing it since 1913. By participating in this program, you become a part of this mission...a BIG part.

-You'll get into great shape. The program includes Sunday morning long runs (or walks). My schedule supports those interested in 'walking' a half marathon, doing a combination of running/walking for the half marathon, or running a half or full marathon. Unlike other DetermiNation branches around the country, I'm also throwing in the option for people to leverage my Tuesday night runs AND Thursday night bootcamp or speedwork.

-You'll get an awesome trip to Seattle and conquer the Seattle Rock N Roll Half/Full Marathon on 6/23! The American Cancer Society will take care of travel, lodging, and race fee.

If the above doesn't strike a chord for you, no biggie. But, there are SO MANY PEOPLE out there who have been impacted and may very well be looking for an opportunity just like this.

If you know anyone who might be, simply forward this email along!

BTW, we have one last info. session/happy hour at Presidio Sports Basement (610 Old Mason Street) FRIDAY NIGHT AT 7PM!

We'll have free beer, snacks, beverages, and the lowdown on the program. Feel free to stop by.  

The program 'officially' starts on Sunday, Mar.4 @ 9AM at Presidio Sports Basement.

For more details about the program, check out the link below-
I run because I live for those fifth gear moments...
I get TONS of people engaging me to help them run 'fast'. I would say it's the most common 'developmental opportunity' I encounter.

There are a million different ways to learn how to run faster, but as I said to one of my clients earlier today, running faster is in many respects a process of embracing discomfort or at the very least reconciling yourself to discomfort.

Speed doesn't usually kill,  but speed usually one degree or another

But, running fast can actually be one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have.

It's easy for me to say as I've always loved moving fast....there's always been something about flooring it that turns me on.  

When I was 14, I owned a Honda Spree. One spill on this hog when I gunned it a bit too much and I knew I needed to save my love of speed for running.

These days I save going off the rails and the urge for breakneck speeds for those days when I lace up whatever pair of shoes makes me feel fastest. Ultimately, one can get the same thrill of redlining a car or motorcycle during a run sans the risk of death. Well...for the most part.

Before you were a runner, you likely played some 'other', basketball, soccer, football, etc. The most exciting moments in ALL of the aforementioned sports typically occur when someone is sprinting.

I run because I live for those fifth gear moments 


Matt Forsman
Marathon Matt-Personal Coaching for Runners

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