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Friday, March 30, 2012

Psoriasis: Patient Recommended Topical

Psoriasis medications can be very expensive. Helen had one of the worse cases of psoriasis on her foot that I had seen. The salves recommended by her dermatologist were just too costly, even though quite effective. Helen experimented on her own for one year and found the below treatment to be equally effective at a fraction of the cost. Some of the herbs used by the Chinese herbalist were unknown to her. I asked her to send me this info so I could pass it on to you. 

Dr. Blake,

It was good to see you today. Here is the information you requested on
psoriasis. This is what I used and it helped a great deal.

Acupuncture ( I went to Evelyn Roberts, she's good and has all the
herbs right there in her Chinese Pharmacy)
Chinese Herbs for soaking feet.
Psoriasis Control Cream by TriDerma
     Sometimes available at Walgreens.
Zinc Pyrithione Cream
Moisturizer for Extra Dry Skin

That's it.
Hope it's helpful.

Thanks for all your help,

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