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Thursday, October 18, 2012

En Pointe!! The Art of the Ballet Dancer's Shoes Revealed

I make my own orthotics for my patients, distance runners struggle to keep their blisters away, the cyclist perfects every part of the bike, the baseball player chooses the right bat, all expressions of the artist at work when success is so fragile. This video is inspiring, and gives us a little glimpse into the pointe shoes of a ballerina. The art, and yet the science revealed, is passed on. One generation to another for the art of ballet must be passed to the next generation successfully. 

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  1. The problem with ballet shoes is that they make your toes and feet ache, especially if you're new to them or you use them too long. Once that happens, sometimes you'd have to go to the extent of visiting a chiropractic clinic just to get rid of the pain.


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