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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sore Big Toe Joint: Email Advice

Hey there,

I've enjoyed reading your blogs.
First off I'm curious if you are still in San Francisco. I'm moving to south of France from Bermuda but I'm making a detour stop in San Luis obispo... Maybe I can come by and check you out.

So here's the issue. I was out playing beach football (soccer) barefoot and kicked the ball awkwardly with my R big toe. It really hurt for a few days but then went away. Two hot summer months passed I wore flip flops majority of the time especially since I was working on the beach but now I've starting back into fall training.  I am a professional track & field athlete and now that I'm training 6 days a week wearing sneakers my toe is uncomfortable, when I run and push off.  It hurts when I flex, when i crack/curl my toes in morning and when put pressure on the top medial side of the 2nd knuckle (kinda where people have their bunions-see attached) .  It may possibly be broken :( so basically my question to you is if broken/ fractured will it heal on its own?  (I understand hard to answer w/ out x rays)  do I just need to give it time? Should i tape it?  Is it too late It has been two months and I haven't actually sat still ...what can I say I'm an athlete :p 

Dear Track person, 
     Yes I am in San Francisco, and would be happy to see you if you swing through. A good friend of mine is Dr Doug Ritchie in Seal Beach, near San Luis Obispo, and he is very capable also. 
      It is hard to tell you what is wrong. It has to be minor because 2 months it did not bother you. It may not be related to the original ow eee!!   You can definitely treat it generically with spica taping with Kinesiotape, icing three times daily, self making dancer's pads to off weight, skipping the front eyelet when you lace the shoes, and getting an xray when you can. You can find all of these techniques in the blog. Hope it helps some. Rich 

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