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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday's Exercise of the Week: Metatarsal Doming or Arcing

Metatarsal Doming or Arcing exercises for the foot are perfect for re-strengthening those small intrinsic muscles in our feet. These muscles are not really exercised properly when we stand, walk, or even run. They can slowly weaken with injuries, periods of inactivity, but also shoes and orthotic devices can allow them to stop working. Consider adding Met Doming or Arcing to your daily home or gym workouts and you will feel more power in your feet. A simple set of 10 reps daily can keep these muscles in tone to protect your foot. You can start doing 3 times daily to begin to catch up, then after several months decrease to twice daily, and then in 4 months decrease to once a day. Of course, all exercises are to be done painlessly. 

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