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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Image of the Week: Temporary Kirby Skive for Pronation Control

This photo above is the left foot orthotic device of a patient that pronates excessively. Many times when I am dispensing orthotic devices, I fall short in controlling the excessive pronation enough based on stability required or continued symptoms. I have added in this image a 1/4 inch beveled wedge in the medial heel area of the left foot orthotic device on top of the plastic.I call this a Temporary Kirby Skive. It will give me more correction temporarily to the orthotic device in controlling pronation motion. Eventually I may decide to place that Kirby Skive into the plastic itself. The typical material used for this wedge is Korex, grinding rubber, or EVA. The top cover in the right of the image will be glued back on.

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