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Monday, April 21, 2014

Orthotic Challenges: Coming to San Francisco?

Hi - I am a huge fan and I follow your blog consistently. You continue to inform me and I thank you for taking time to educate us all.

I live in Los Angeles, and I am thinking of making an appointment for you to make me some orthotics.  I haven't had much luck with that down here.

My problem is I have high arches, pronate, bad FAT PAD ATROPHY, and a case of plantar fasciitis.Oh, and did I mention a neuroma...? I also have very flexible feet and ankles. (hyper-mobile) I guess I am a worse case scenario for fitting orthotics? I have had several unsuccessful attempts over the last couple of years and my life does include coping with pretty bad pain on a daily basis.  I guess I need orthotics with 'structure' yet softness and that seems to be the major hurdle.
Would you be willing to give it a whirl? If so - - how do I proceed?
I read in one post you asked a patient from Los Angeles to come up for a Friday appointment and then return for the fitting Monday?Did I read that correctly? Please advise.... and THANK YOU in advance!!!  : )
Mary (name Changed)

Dr Blake's response: 

Dear Mary, 
    I love these challenges and we can arrange a Friday appt and then a Mon morning appt to fly back. I need the weekend to complete the orthotic process, and because of my own personal schedule, I need to make sure it is a weekend I am around. It is best to email me or leave a voicemail message at 415-353-6417 and I will try to arrange things. Please give me 2 or 3 weekends that will work and I will choose the best one. I am at 900 Hyde Street in San Francisco, so you can google it. Typically, I will make one or two types of corrections (some corrections are better for one thing and not the other, or so so with the other. With all the problems, some super duper Hybrid orthotic device will be in order. I hope we can meet and get this one. If you can emotionally plan on doing the same thing one month later, we can perfect the learning process begun on the first weekend. Thanks for the compliments Rich

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