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Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Tube Video Summary: An Initial Attempt to Organize for You

·         Orthotics
1. Foot Orthotic Devices and Rearfoot Posts
2. Treatment of the ForeFoot Varus Foot with Orthotic Correction
3. Negative Casting for Functional Foot Orthotic Devices
Supinators: Orthotic Design Modifications
Heel Pain: Orthotic Modification
Orthotic Design for Excessive Supination
7. Dr Rich Blake Discusses the 2 Important Aspects of Orthotic Design for Heel Pain
8. Inverted Orthotic Technique for Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction: 60 Degrees
Checking Heel Position Changes with Orthotic Devices
10. Hannaford Orthotic Device: Grinding Process after Vacuum Press
·         Gait
1. Introduction of Dr Rich Blake for Lecture on Gait Evaluation
2. Gait Evaluation of Tibial Varum/Genu Varum (Bow Legs)
3. Excessive Out Toed Gait with Lateral Shoe Wedging
4. Gait Evaluation with Internal Patellar Rotation with Excess
5. Gait Video of Pronated Right Foot with Shoe and No Orthotic Devices
6. Gait Evaluation of Pronated Right Foot
7. Gait Evaluation of Pronated Right Foot with Corrective Orthotic Devices
8. Gait Evaluation with Emphasis on Knee Positions
9. Basics for Gait Evaluation

·         Exercises/Strengthening
1. Strengthening Short Flexors to Digits
2. Self Help: Simple but Effective Home Quad Strengthening Exercises
3. Short Arc Quad Strengthening
4. Osgood Schlatter's Syndrome: Anatomy and Stretches
5. Quadriceps Stretching: Prolonged Heat/Ice Stretch Principles HD
6. Hamstring Stretching: Prolonged Heat/Ice Stretch Principles
7. Posterior Tibial Strengthening Exercises
8. Foot and Ankle Strengthening General Program
9. Foot Strengthening Exercises: Playing the Piano
10. Foot Strengthening: Who Has Lost Their Marbles?
11. Foot and Ankle Strengthening with Active Range of Motion Exercises
12. Iliotibial Band Syndrome: 3 Common Stretches
13. Metatarsal Arcing or Doming: Foot Intrinsic Muscle Strengthening
14. Foot Arch Strengthening Exercises
15. Achilles Strengthening: Resistance Bands and Weight Bearing
16. Stretching: Introduction to Contract/Relax Technique
17. Plantar Fasciitis/Achilles Tendinitis: Stretches To Do and Not To Do
18. Plantar Fasciitis: The All Important Wall Stretch
19. Ankle Strengthening with Exercise Bands for Ankle Sprains, Balance, and Overall Ankle/Foot Stability
20. Single Leg Balance Exercise: The Most Perfect Exercise for the Lower Extremity
21. Plantar Fascial AM Towel Stretches
22. Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis
23. 7 Generalizations in Stretching
24. Quadriceps Stretching
25. Lower and Upper Hamstring Stretching
·         Short Leg Syndome
1. Short Leg Syndrome: Always make sure lifts are stable
2. Hip Replacement Surgery and Short Leg Syndrome
3. Short Leg Syndrome: Magazine or Block Test for Assessment
4. Heel Lifts for Short Leg Syndrome: Potential Instability Produced
5. Short Leg Syndrome: Manufacturing of Full Length Lifts
6. Evaluation of Short Leg Syndrome
7. Short Leg Syndrome: Video showing Correction of Limb Dominance
8. Short Leg Syndrome: Limb Dominance in Walking Gait

·         Drblakehealingsole
1. drblakeshealingsole
·         Supinators
1. Supinators: Gait Findings showing lateral instablity
2. Supinators: Orthotic Modifications to Help Correct Abnormal Motion
3. Supinators: Correction of Excessive Supination with Orthotic Devices
4. Supinators: Gait Changes after Removal Denton Modification
5. Supinators: The Use of a Denton Modification to Orthotic Devices
6. Supination: Seeing the Pattern on Shoe Inserts
7. Excessive Supination (seen from the front)
8. Excessive Supination or Lateral Instability
9. Excessive Supination in Running

·         Not Sure
Knee Taping: Simple for Added Stability and McConnell Technique
Lateral Knee Compartment Treatment with Varus Wedging
Hallux Limitus Evaluation with Self Mobilization
Accessory Navicular
4 Types of Shin Splints
Internal Knee Rotation with Weak External Hip Rotators
Shock Absorption Tools: Simple and Complex Approaches
Over Pronation in Walking Right Side more than Left Side
Rest Splint or Posterior Sleeping Splint for Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis
Shoe Flexion and Torsion Tests

·         Podiatry Quiz
1. Podiatry Quiz #4: When to Advance from 2 Crutches to 1 Crutch
2. Podiatry Video Quiz #3: What types of Pain should be Avoided?
3. Podiatry Video Quiz #2: Why is the sun important for bone healing?
4. Podiatry Quiz #1: Achilles Tendons and The Zone of Ischemia

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