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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cheilectomy Post Op: Patient Shares Post Op Course

    Comment Posted January-22-2014

      I am 2 weeks post opt rom having a cheilectomy done on left foot. I am pretty pleased with how it is going and am in a soft shoe most of the time. 13 staples taken out 3 days ago and this seems to be quite sensitive where these were taken out and healing is slow. Hoping in 2 weeks I have greatly improved by then. Less is more for this type of problem and my doctor feels a fusion is last option to consider.

 I'm 49 year old female very active and a runner so will keep you posted on my recovery. My hallux rigidus was quite bad and it was time to do something about it. Good luck everyone and if I can be of any help let me know.

Dr Blake's comment: This kind patient is post cheilectomy for Hallux Rigidus. She has agreed to respond to comments or questions. I am very appreciative. 

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  1. hello, I am 33 year old that trained in dance, especially classical ballet at a high level since 6. I have danced on and off in my life yet didn't go the route of a ballet company. I sometimes dance in heels, cycle, run, flats- everything. My Point I have always expected the most from my very flexible joints. at 32 I started having the serious toe pain let led me to get it checked out and I have this bone spur and arthritis in my right big toe. I have at this point decided to go to surgery because even stopping dancing and giving up my pursuit of musical theater broadway dancing as a career (I could still flesh out my acting portfolio and sing- or just pursue visual art) I currently walk dogs. This still aggrevates my toe. You can't tell a human that has had this much modality for her lifetime to stop. I hear the doctors remarks and I feel he would tell me not to get surgery. I have 50 degrees up. He says 60 are required. Doc. Blake that is. My surgeon at HSS says I could wear the carbon fiber insole and not need range which I don't get. I think I would create other problems which has already happen because I have to sickle my foot after a while walk because my joint irritation asks of it, it doesn't have power to consent to my other faculties telling it to shut up, Dana has places to go. So alas, I am in a scary place. I would not ever want to lose my current mobility at this age. Which is a risk apparently with surgery? But I could be patient through recovery if I could at least be granted the range of a "normal" person pain free again. Thoughts?


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