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Monday, February 20, 2017

Incision Health??

Hello Dr. Blake,

I am 18 days post op from a medial sesamoidectomy. My podiatrist removed stitches on day 14. I've been advised to slowly ease in to walking part-time in a well supported shoe. With the remaining 80% of the time in a walking boot. 

I am concerned that my incision may not be normal. Looking at other medial sesamoidectomy pictures on the web, they seem to look "cleaner." Below are pictures of my incision at day 18. At times, I'm experiencing sharp pains when I touch parts of the incision. Is my incision normal? Or should I be concerned with the way it appears and feels? 

Dr Blake's response: 

I am not a surgeon, but the incision meets all the normal criteria: no oozing, no gaps, no infection I can appreciate. Rich Good Luck!

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