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Friday, February 24, 2017

YouTube Videos: Summary of 128 for easy access

Dr. Blake’s YouTube Videos      Achilles Tendon Evaluation for Flexibility      Achilles and Plantar Fascia Stretches      Achilles/Calf Stretching for Tough Cases         Achilles/Calf Strengthening     Achilles Tendon Taping Version      Achilles Tendinitis Taping         Achilles Tendon Weak Area        Ankle Sprain: Initial Treatment      Ankle Sprain: Compression Quickly   Ankle Strengthening Range of Motion         Ankle Strengthening with Bands    Arch Strengthening        Arch Taping: KT tape       Arch Taping: Low Dye Classic     Arch Taping: Low Dye Modifications       (Arch Taping: Support the Foot)       (Balancing)      Balancing: Single Leg      Bike Seat Height Changes for Rehab       Big Toe Pain: Spica Taping   Big Toe Pain Treatments    Big Toe Pain: Variation of Spica Taping       Bio-mechanics: Mechanical Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain      Bow Legs: Gait      Bunions: 4 Stages       Bunion Pain: Or is It?         (Bunions: Strengthening)     Bunion Taping        (Bunions: Toe Separators)        Calf Tightness in Achilles Injuries      Crutches: How to Wean Off         Crutches: Progression to 1 Crutch     Cushioning Concepts        (Dancer’s Pads)       Falling Problems Helpful Tips      Foot and Ankle Strength: General Program       Foot Strengthening with Marbles         Foot Strength by Playing the Piano       (Functional Hallux Limitus)       Gait Evaluation Basics       Gait Evaluation Basics 2         Gait Evaluation Basics 3     Gait Evaluation Supination      Hallux Limitus Guidelines of Treatment      Hallux Limitus/Rigidus: Self Mobilization        Hammertoes General Treatment     Hamstring: Upper and Lower Stretches       Hamstring Stretches: For Tough Cases           Hannaford Orthotic Manufacture     Heel Pain Evaluation       Heel Pain Treatment PT        (Hiking Boot Lacing for Stability)    Hip X-rays post Replacement        Ilio-Tibial Band Stretches        Knee Pain: How to Ice        Knee Pain: Foot Wedges Can Help      Knee Strengthening: Short Arc Quad Sets    Knee Strengthening: Home Based       Knee Various Positions Gait     Knee: Weak External Hip Rotators in Gait        Metatarsal Doming Exercise         Metatarsal Soreness    Morton’s Neuroma Evaluation      Muscle Stimulation for Weakness    Nerve Pain: Low Back Cause?       Neural Flossing       Orthotic Check by Heel Change      Orthotic for Supination: Multiple Rx Variables       Orthotic Designs for Supination (custom mold variations)      Orthotic Evaluation for Supination in Gait       Orthotic Evaluation for Supination in Gait after Denton Removal    Orthotic Design Supinators  Orthotics for Forefoot Varus          Orthotic for Supination: Denton Modification  Orthotic: Inverted Technique 60    (Orthotic Mold Corrections for Pronation)      Orthotic Negative Casting to get proper Impressions      Orthotic Rear Foot Posts         Osgood Schlatter’s Knee: Anatomy and Treatment    Phases of Rehabilitation       Plantar Fasciitis: 3 Important Home Treatments      Plantar Fasciitis 5 common treatments          Plantar Fasciitis: 2 Vital Orthotic Components      (Plantar Fascial Stretching)    Plantar Fascial Stretching     Plantar Fascial AM stretching         Plantar Fascial Night Splints       Plantar Fascial Wall Stretch      Posterior Tibial Tendon Anatomy      (Posterior Tibial Strengthening)      Posterior Tibial Strengthening     Posterior Tibial Taping Version       (Posterior Tibial Taping)      PTTD: Gait Evaluation        PTTD: Gait with Inverted Orthosis         PTTD: Muscle Testing       Pronation Walking     Quadriceps Stretches        Quadriceps Stretch: For Tough Cases     Rehab: KISS Principle      (RICE: Initial Injury Treatment)          (Running: Walk/Run Program)      Scar Tissue Breakdown     Second Metatarsal Taping       (Sesamoid Evaluation: Part 2)          (Sesamoid Evaluation: Part 3)    (Sesamoid Fracture Treatment)         Shin Splints: 4 Types     Shoe Flexion and Torsion Tests      Shoe Inserts: Interpreting the Signs            Shoe Power Lacing for Stability           Short Leg Evaluation Standing          Short Leg Heel Lifts   Short Leg Full Length Lifts          Short Leg: Making Sure Lifts Stable         Short Leg: Limb Dominance in Gait        Stretching with Contract/Relax       (Stretches: 5 Most Common)           Stretching: 7 General Principles       Supination: What it Looks Like         Supination: Evaluation in Stance         Supination Running           Swelling Reduction with Contrast     Bathing        Tailor’s Bunions          Toe Injuries Buddy Taping         Toenail Fungus        Walking Aid: Roll A Bout

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