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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Inverted Technique for Flat Foot Children

Hello Dr.
my daughter has severe overpronation and has been using a sole with your inverted technique for 2 and a half years and she has improved a lot.

her feet is bigger now and need a new sole.
I read somewhere in your blog 3 years ago you have a very good friend in fort Lauderdale fl.

I would like to take my daughter to see someone that know very well your technique, could you please provide his clinic phone number, address and web page, is any? please.

he probably can do a good assessment of my daughter, because the dr in Miami just took her cast and that's it.

in case you know another Dr.  in Miami that know very well your technique please let me know also.

thank you very much for your work and dedication, its really  making a very good difference in my daughter.


Dr Blake's response:

Pronation noted in the back of the heel of the right foot. Ruler denoting vertical, and the heel bisection line shows marked eversion which flattens the arch.

This same right heel in the Inverted Technique attempting to center the heel.

Mari, above is the members in Florida of the AAPSM. I looked at the list and 5 names popped up. They are not in any order:
Matthew Werd
James Losito
Russell Rowan
Brian Fullem
Joseph Agostinelli

You would have to call their offices and inquire. 
You can also get the names of who uses the Inverted Technique alot by calling the 4 Labs I know use it alot:
Root Functional Orthotic Laboratory

Richey and Company

Allied OSI Lab

ProLab USA

The labs would have the doctors names in your area. Please let me know what you found out and thank you for your kind words. I am very happy to hear that the technique is helping your daughter. Rich

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