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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Followup on Foot Fracture and Nerve Pain

This patient broke her toe and developed severe nerve pain afterwards. This post is also included on her original post of 4/5/18. This is a wonderful example of how active we have to be in our treatment to get the right healing plan working. 

Hi Dr Blake,

I wanted to give you and your blog readers an update...

I was worried after fracturing my toe (4th toe on left foot) I was developing CRPS because I have other nerve issues.  I fractured my toe on Feb 2 and the pain just got worse.  My foot turned ice cold blue and was like that for over a week plus my fracture wasn't healing and I was having shooting nerve pain/burning in my foot.  I am wearing a boot and have a scooter.  I did the following to try to heal my foot (which I found some of it on the blog from another reader):

  • Went to a new anesthesiologist who just moved here from Cleveland Clinic and specializes in CRPS.  I was lucky to get a next day appt with her.  She was very nice and felt that it wasn't CRPS.  She did give me Cymbalta - which I didn't take since I am sensitive to medication.
  • Bought a used bone stimulator and used it twice a day (based on recommendations from several doctors - including Dr Blake)
  • Light massaging to increase the blood flow
  • Putting leg up when sitting or lying down
  • Started taking (all of these without fillers) each day:
    • 1200 mg of R-Alpha lipoic acid
    • 1200 mg of NAC
    • 2000 mg of vitamin C (powder to mix in water with cranberry concentrate)
    • 600 mg of Calcium Citrate (powder to mix in water with cranberry concentrate)
    • 5000 mg of vitamin D
    • Magnesium citrate
  • I am taking some herbs as well
    • Stinging nettle tincture (without alcohol)
    • Horsetail (without alcohol)
    • Comfrey tincture rubbing on skin over fracture and applying DMSO on top for better absorption.  I purchased Heiltrophen on Amazon - the bottle and dropper are glass which is important because DMSO absorbs everything.  I applied with clean hands and washed them afterwards without soap.
    • I tried Dr Christopher's Syrup and Ointment for bone and tissue repair a friend recommended.  Tastes and smells awful.  Lots of stars on Amazon but I couldn't stand it to take it consistently.
  • Mirroring 
    • My friend let me borrow a mirror so I am doing some mirroring exercises I found on youtube.
  • Went to Orthopedic surgeon (I wanted a second opinion in addition to my very good podiatrist just because the foot wasn't healing).  I was lucky that the orthopedic doctor for the feet of the US ski team had an appt.  Really nice guy - he just confirmed what my podiatrist had recommended)  He said I needed to be off the foot for 6 weeks and gave me a clearance for work.
So I am happy to say after 6 weeks on my protocol,  that the pain is almost gone from my foot.  I don't have the shooting nerve pain in my big toe and the burning is less.  I am able to walk very short distances without the boot.  It isn't keeping me up at night.  It looks like I am on a positive trajectory.  I think it will still be a while before I really feel comfortable walking longer distances and doing my normal routine but at least, it is getting better.

Thank you so much Dr Blake for your support and help.  

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