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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tip for Plantar Fascial Tears: Hoka One One Shoes

Hi Dr. Blake, got the HOKA shoes, and I'm loving them.  I can move so much easier in them, and very little pain (definitely 0-2 range).  I can also put both the right and the left orthotics in, which balances things out pretty well.  I feel like I'm walking more naturally, and I think my legs are getting toned too!  Anyway, thanks a bunch, and I'll see you soon for a follow-up appointment (the 8th, I think).  

Hope you are well!  

Dr. Blake's comment: These are shoes that roll through the forefoot, limiting toe bend at push off. This is valuable for many forefoot problems and, in this case, plantar fascial tears where you are limiting toe bend and the pull of the fascia for up to 6 months post-injury. 

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