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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Sided Anterior Pelvic Tilt

As a podiatrist, I treat pronation or supination or short leg syndrome, and other causes of the pelvis becoming dropped on one side with its resultant hip and back problems. This is a good video talking about a left sided pelvic drop around the sacro-iliac joint and 3 exercises to help that. When I examine these patients, I initially do not know if the left side is dropped or the right side raised. If the left side is dropped and there is noticeably more pronation on that side, the left side is probably dropped. The body loves symmetry of motion and as I work on correcting the asymmetry at the foot, a PT, trainer, osteopath, or chiropractor will be working on raising the left side so that it is symmetrical with the right in the end. This is an easily observed problem, so one can easily to follow its success. Of course, the problem can be from acute trauma where the SI joint gets stuck up or down, or from chronic asymmetry of the right side of the body working different than the left. Both can lead to back, pelvic, and hip problems. Again, this is very common, and normally easily treated, at least logically treated. I have also attached two other videos which bring up good, but difference thoughts. I carefully reviewed these videos to make sure the exercises were safe for you. This may be a good starting point also. When you watch the video, I would be recommended just working on the dropped side that is anterior rotated to bring it back up. You can do the double side just to sense the differnce between the 2 sides. This is also a wonderful look at self assessment and several corrective exercises. Remember, start easly and there should never be pain. The last exercise shown should be fluid with no holding positions. I hope these help.


  1. What about one side that is anterior rotated and raised up causing supination?

    1. To me, that would go against the normal motion, so it could indicate a joint that is damaged in some way.


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