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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Stim Router for Nerve Pain: Recent Patient with wonderful results

     Every now and again I am exposed to new technologies that may help many of my patients. This information on Stim Router came from a patient who was kicked in ultimate frisbee on the inside of his lower leg injuring the posterior tibial nerve. This gave him pain in the leg, ankle, and foot (especially the arch). He eventually had a complicated tarsal tunnel surgery at the ankle (although the injury to the nerve was 5 inches above the ankle. When that surgery did not work, he was referred for the stim router technology. They run a wire from one side of your leg under the skin so that it sits on top of the injured nerve. Then they attach a sensor on the outside of your skin that can be turned on and off to stimulate the injured nerve to stop the pain. Fascinating. The links to the technique and individual doctor my patient used at Stanford are below. 

The video below is one version of the technique.

Discussion from a patient who just had the procedure.

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