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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Big Toe Joint Pain: Spica Taping can Help!!

 Spica taping is a technique with several variations that primarily limits the bend, or dorsiflexion, of the big toe joint. One of the variations is to help the same tape align the hallux that is drifting lateral causing lateral impingement. Spica taping is commonly learned with KT tape or RockTape since it goes around the bends of the toe fairly easy. If the patient needs more restriction, and has the basic skill down, then 3M Nexcare Waterproof Tape is used. This is a skill I want my patients to learn and perfect. It is part of my initial experimentation into what helps eliminate the joint pain. Typically one inch wide tape 7 to 8 inches long is centered dorsally over the top of the hallux. First the medial leg is brought down under the big toe joint and then run under the first metatarsal. Second the lateral leg is brought down under the big toe joint, and then run parallel to the first strip along the orientation of the first metatarsal. At least one half of the lateral leg should be touching the skin so that the tape can last 3-4 days. Make sure with KT or RockTape that you then rub in the finished product for a minute to activate the glue. The big toe itself when you are finished should be just slightly below the 2nd toe. Spica taping is classic for hallux rigidus and turf toe, but can hold the toe down with sesamoid injuries distributing the weight bearing somewhat away from the sesamoid. Spica taping can increase the compressive forces across the joint, which may hurt, so you just have to try to see if it makes sense. Below are 2 videos I did.


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