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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Decision Making in Medicine

     In Medicine there are many decisions to make. The orange arrow above represents the most straight forward direct treatment that you will normally have recommended and that will normally greatly improve your situation. But there are normally other decision avenues that make sense to explore, especially if the typical course is surgical or invasive some way. 

     One typical example concerns bunions. Those are those big bumps on your big toes that can exclude your entire shoe closet.  The typical course is surgical correction (orange arrow). The purple course starts with all the conservative treatments and can go on for years: toe separators, wide shoes, Yoga Toes, Correct Toes, icing, padding, etc. The purple course is standard, and not really thinking outside of the box. The green and red courses are clearly deviations from normal. The green, left brain, is logical, and just means you avoid all shoes that irritate the bunions. The red, right brained, is artistic, definitely thinking outside the box, so may involve acupuncture, laser therapy, homeopathy, special massages, special solutions for soaking, etc. Are any of these 4 directions wrong? Any doctor will have their opinion. I think in general we must do no harm. The goal is the easiest solution to the problem which minimizes or eliminates the disability present. 

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