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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Single Leg Balancing vs Dancer's Pose

Hi Rich .... I took a pole-hiking class - loved it! But the teacher said two-minute balances were bad for the hips.  It throws them off or out.  She says instead to do "Dancer" pose in yoga - it's more dynamic and engages the glutes. (I don't remember all she said) But she was adamant about it.
Since my hips have been hurting --- have you heard this before? Do you recommend it?

Hey, thanks for the email. I love single leg balancing as you strengthens the foot to core. Yes, it you are doing it at a time that something hurts, you may have to reduce the time. But, single leg balancing is so natural for the body as it simulates actually what is happening in the middle of each step with our body perfectly stacked up or aligned. Below is the video I did on balancing and one I found on you tube on the Dancer's Pose. The stress to your hips doing the Dancer's Pose seems so much greater than a Single Leg Balance exercise. And, for my non yoga patients, the time to build up to be good at a dancer's pose seems so much longer than single leg balancing. But, please get me more feedback. Thanks Rich


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