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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Fighting the Virus: Poem by Rich Blake

I hope you will get pissed off as I and fight this invisible, deadly, but inherently cowardly foe!!               

  Fighting the Virus
                                     By Rich Blake

I have spent one whole day
     Not at work where I belong treating patients
But in Quarantine, self imposed of sorts, 
     To try and fight an invisible bug

It has the world in a frazzle
     Due to its strength to do damage
Yet, it picks on the helpless, the elderly, 
     Where I grew up, we would call that cowardly
So, this bug has really pissed me off

Fighting this incredible foe, yet such a small bug,
     A tiny virus
Has now become my Mission
     I needed one, so that our lives continued to mean something special
Life, each and every one,
     Young and very old is worth fighting for
Doesn’t that resonant in your heart
     Can’t you get behind that mission
I am so proud of the human race once more for what it is doing
     And I needed that faith in mankind restored

This challenge that is upon us
    Outweighs self, what our previous motivations were
We are the human race, 
    And we will do what it takes
This coward that picks on the helpless, the elderly,
    Will soon have no place to call home

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