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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Common Advice for Plantar Fasciitis

Hey Dr. Blake, 
A couple of days after seeing you last week, my left foot started hurting.  The pain is on the inside of the foot right where the heel meets the arch (and is confined to a very small area).  From my amateur research it appears to be plantar fasciitis, but you are the expert.  It is not very painful -- more sore than sharp in terms of pain.  I have researched some stretches and have been icing it.  It seems fine when I exercise on my stationary bike.  I am wondering if I should avoid walking (and the bike) or whether non-strenuous walking would be fine.  Also, whether there is anything more I should do.  I could not get an appointment with you until September (between my schedule and yours) and the pain is really not bad (more bothersome than anything else).  Except for sharp pain in my left heel a couple of months ago that lasted only 2 days, I have not had any plantar fasciitis-like symptoms before.

Hope you are well.  Any advice you can give would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Dr. Blake’s comment: 
  Here is my office handout of general rules. I think your exercising is fine, but do not push through pain. Ice after workouts, and several times a day. Do the plantar fascial wall stretch on my blog. Let me know in a month how you are doing. Rich 

Plantar Fasciitis 

The top 10 common treatments for plantar fasciitis are:

1. Plantar fascial wall stretches for 30 seconds 5-10 times/day.

2. Rolling ice massage for five minutes 2-3 times/day.

3. No negative heel stretches.

4. Avoid barefoot walking (something like Dansko sandals at home).

5. OTC or custom orthotic devices to transfer weight into the arch (you must feel that the heel is protected and weight is in the arch).


6. Physical therapy or acupuncture (two times/week for four weeks and then re-evaluate).

7. Posterior sleeping splints when morning soreness lasts over five minutes (these can be used at any time as rest splints when you are going to sit for 30 minutes or more).

8. Low dye/arch taping daily initially and then with strenuous activity.

9. Activity modification to avoid “bad pain.”

10. Calf stretches (straight and bent knee) two times/day.

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