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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Dr Blake's Transition into Part Time Practice

     Yesterday I announced on Facebook, to my friends, that I had just finished working full time and would be transitioning into a part time practice. There will be an unfortunate delay to see me for my patients. I had hoped for an easier transition, but circumstances do not allow that. 
     When I announced my decision, I got an incredible "Good Job" from podiatrists, patients, and friends. I have worked hard these forty years, 42 years ago I graduated from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. I had incredible mentors, most have passed, and incredible colleagues with some continuing on brightly. 
     I hope I have helped my readers through this blog these last 11 years. It has been an incredible journey. Now, with working part time, I hope to have more time to spend with you through this blog. After seeing patients all day, it was hard at times to sit down to write. I will not have that as an excuse. 
     In the fall, most likely October 2021, I will be able to take questions again. I appreciate your patience with me. I learned about Podiatry in the fall of 1975 when I visited Dr Harry Hlavac's office in Mill Valley, California. I have never looked back at my decision to follow him into this wonderful profession. 
     Thank you again for being a vital part of my journey. I will try to continue to write about I feel is important. Thank you and God bless. Rich 
                                                                        Wish me luck!!

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