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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 2023

    All of us will have different dreams for this year. I always love saying goodbye to one year, with its ups and downs, and welcoming a brand new year full of promise. This year will bring the end of my full time practice of Podiatry with the joy, and sadness, that accompanies that decision. It will bring much more time for family with afternoons with my first grader Henry, and trips to Carlsbad to visit my grandson William. We have trips to England, possibly Norway, Hawaii, Palm Springs, and Lake Tahoe already planned, so I won't be bored. I plan on continuing to write (especially my blog), teach at the local Podiatry school, mentor my replacement Dr Ajitha Nair, and enjoy life. Thanks to all the readers who have entrusted their foot problems with me these many years. Hopefully, I have a few more inside of me. Happy New Year!! 

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