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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Comparison on 15 and 25 Degree Inverted Orthotic Devices on Lower Extremity

The following paper is a good look at the dynamics of 2 Inverted Orthotic Devices (15 degrees and 25 degrees) and the Shoe alone. There are questions around the loss of ankle plantar flexion motion with the 2 inserts vs shoe only which has possible explanations on the positive and negative side. At foot loading, a loss of ankle plantar flexion probably only implies that the orthosis is supporting the arch and less ankle plantar flexion range is needed. But, does a loss in ankle plantar flexion at toe off imply a more inefficient push off or a more stable foot with less plantar flexion needed for push off? The summary of angles in the paper show these findings are less than 1 degree in amount in any direction, but of the the 31 subjects the variation could have been more or less. 
     If you are looking for a good paper on Inverted Orthoses, this one is very good with 60 plus references to sink your teeth into. Rich Blake

 2023; 16: 2613–2623.
Published online 2023 Sep 5. doi: 10.2147/JMDH.S420003

Effect of Different Foot Orthosis Inverted Angles on Walking Kinematics in Females with Flexible Flatfeet

Nour Alsaafin, 1 , 2 Nabil Saad, 1 Shima A Mohammad Zadeh, 1 , 2 and Fatma A Hegazy 1 , 2           


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