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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Sesamoid Fractures: Typical Orthopedic Approach with Comments

     I have just retired. My time now can be more involved in this blog I started almost 14 years ago. One of the injuries I write about, and treated extensively, was sesamoid fractures. I just received emails from two readers about sesamoid injuries. All doctors will treat injuries slightly differently. When I read the article below, I would emphasize the importance of some treatments more. But, overall the article is well written. Exogen bone stimulators are a must to me. 3 months of cast or bike shoe immobilization is very important. Daily contrast bathing. Evaluation of Vit D and overall bone density is crucial. Orthotic devices with off weighting the sesamoid needed. Spica taping to limit big toe bend can get patients back into activity. Avoiding NSAIDS since they can retard bone healing. Ice activity aggravation. Hope this helps. Rich

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