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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jog For Jill: September 12, 2010 San Francisco, California

Jill is a family friend. She has a wonderful mom and dad, and 2 great brothers. Jill's Cal Crew team won the Pac-10 Championship days before her diagnosis at the end of her junior year. Jill fought a long year battle with lung cancer with unimaginable courage. This young woman's bravery and spirit touched the hearts and souls of all that knew her or that heard of her battle. This photo of Jill from the UC Berkeley website gives you a glimpse into who she was. The cancer finally won and Jill is physically no longer with us. Please look at the links below to sense her spirit that is still with us. Jill worked hard on an upcoming race here in San Francisco for the Lung Care Foundation. Since her death, they have dedicated the race to Jill Costello. I am hoping some of you will find time to run/walk the "Jog For Jill".

Please play this video for Jill

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