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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Foot and Ankle Exercises: Video on Flatfooted Balancing Exercises: The Best Functional Exercise with Variations

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   The Single Leg Flatfooted Balancing Exercise is one of the most useful exercises invented. I personally use it for my patients over 50 on balancing programs, and it is used in core rehab, knee rehab, ankle rehab, and foot rehab. It is one of the best methods of foot and ankle strengthening. Gradually the patient works up to 2 minutes with the eyes open, then up to 2 minutes with the eyes closed, then eyes open with the soft pillow, then up to 2 minutes soft pillow with the eyes closed. Some patients will purchase the thin rubber disks for greater difficulty and do other variations as seen with the basketball. I must emphasize that the supporting knee (weight bearing) is slightly bent to protect itself from hyperextending and this position adds to the difficulty balancing. The exercise can be initiated at any time of the day, but should be done normally in the last 2 hours of the evening before bed. This is due to the fatigue of the leg produced, as you increase the time, and you need sleep time to recover. You really do not want to do this exercise before other strenuous weight bearing exercises. Gradually, like any good strengthening exercise, you limit the exercise to 3 times per week. There should also be no pain anywhere with this exercise. If pain develops, stop, and if it repeats itself each time you try the exercise, seek advice on what is wrong, or how to modify.

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