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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Basics of Gait Evaluation: Foot and Ankle Positioning

Here are the common gait observations way down at the foot made. The green circles are the ideal, most stable, positions. These include:
  1. Slight External Angle of Gait
  2. Lateral Heel Strike
  3. Normal Arch Height
  4. Centered Push Off through 2nd and 3rd Toes

The blue circles are the deviations from normal. These include:
  1. Intoeing or Excessive Outtoeing
  2. Centered or Medial Heel Strike
  3. High Arch, Low Arch, or Wind Swept Feet
  4. Too Lateral or Too Medial Push Off
All of those deviations can lead to over pronation problems, over supination problems, or asymmetrical compensatory problems. These problems can effect the weakest link in the chain, anywhere from the foot upwards. See the link below and listen to the great Kapena music from Hawaii.

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