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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Basics of Gait Evaluation: Foot and Ankle Motions

The green squares show normal motion of the foot. Mild Pronation of the foot followed by resupination of the subtalar joint. The Heel Lifts in propulsion just before the heel contacts on the opposite side. There is a smooth transition from heel strike to toe off without feelings of foot slap or inability to move easily.

The common abnormal motions noted at heel strike are:
  • Excessive Supination after heel contact or in propulsion
  • Mild to Moderate Lateral Instability after heel contact
  • Severe Lateral Instability
  • Excessive Rapid Pronation
  • Maximally Pronated Foot throughout gait
  • A Loud Heel Strike is noted
The common abnormal motions in the middle of the step are:
  • The heel lifts early (tight achilles?)
  • The heel lifts much later than normal
  • The gait is antalgic (limping noted)
The common abnormal motions noted at pushoff are:
  • Wind Swept Feet (one foot pronating, one supinating)
  • Sagittal Plane Blockade occurs (the patient finds it difficult to roll through the foot)
  • Apropulsive (no push off is noted) 

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