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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Support Hose: Always check for leg indentation!!

Knee High Socks that cut off fragile venous return of blood back to the heart.

If you have friends or family with support hose or compression socks to fight swelling, advise them of this problem. This indentation warns us that the compression is too great, and that it is probably worsening the problem. If the problem gets worse, the tightness of the next pair of socks ordered is normally tighter (and more uncomfortable),  and the medication used can get stronger. Both are bad scenarios for a simple to resolve situation. Experiment initially with several versions of support hose (Mediven, Jobst, Varin, Juzo are real common to find) to see if any work. If you are still struggling, try those that go just above the knee (thigh high). 
Closer look at the indentation left by a supposedly good fitting compression sock.

Photo taken from Jobst ad in

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