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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hallux Rigidus: Email Advice

Hallux Rigidus is a limitation of motion in the Big Toe Joint which may or may not be painful.

hi, i stumbled upon your website while seeking alternative options for surgery for hallux rigidus that i was just dx'ed with. the podiatrist recommened arthoplasty implant. said nothing else would help. i have had a bunion for many years which only bothers me when i wear tight shoes, which i avoid. the reason i saw him was pain on bottom of my foot. so i really don't understand why i need toe sx to get rid of sole pain. its like a painful cramp aggavated by wearing sneakers or anything with an arch. once again i bought some dawgs clogs and it felt better. i am so into trying anything other tahn surgery. any suggestions? thanks! patti

Patti, My understanding is that you went into the doctor's visit with one pain, and left with a treatment plan designed for something else. I am sure that a correlation can be drawn between your problem and hallux rigidus, but you are wise to be cautious. Many patients with hallux rigidus and hallux limitus never have pain in the big toe joint, and this could be you. Get several opinions and at least get a diagnosis on your present pain. Is it actually the under part of the big toe joint, or is it more arch strain/plantar fasciitis? What is it? If you want to take a photo of your finger pointing to the area and emailing it to me, I can update this blog post when I receive it. Good luck, Rich

thanx for such a quick reply! my foot pain is nowhere near the toe, it's on the bottom/inner side. its very crampy. usually feels better when i'm walking. when i sit at work then get up it's worse. i've never had surgery except tonsils and so it would be my last resort. i read your article about hallux rigidus and like your approach. i live in nj. do you know of any drs in this area? bergen/passaic co? thanks so much for your input. it's nice to know there may be an alternative treatment.
Patti, look at the website from our sports academy. I know fairly well John McNerney, Josh White, and Richard Braver, but unclear where they are in relationship to you. It should be a good starting point of like minded podiatrists like me. Good Luck, Rich

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