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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Juvaderm: A Fat Pad Possible Replacement? The Jury is still out.

Tissue Filler Can Delay or Prevent Hammertoe Surgery: NY Podiatrist

When Diana Smirkle had painful corns which conservative treatment did not work, she turned to Dr. Johanna Youner in Manhattan for one of the latest techniques in foot pain relief. "It's an off-label use of filler that has been FDA-approved for areas on the face, the nose, and the labial folds for years, and we found it safe and effective in the feet," Dr. Youner says.

Dr. Johanna Youner

The filler, Juvederm is injected beneath the corn and fills up surrounding tissue that has been lost through years of wear and tear. The filler not only evens out and shrinks the corn, it triggers the body to replace its own worn out tissue. "Using filler we can either delay surgery or halt it all together," Dr. Youner says.

Source: Amy Leone, WUSA-9 [12/20/11]

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