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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nature's Healing Powers: 25% of you will feel deep peace with this video

When you are in pain, and whether or not you believe in God, you will find this video of Nature has great healing powers. Happy Holidays. Dr Rich Blake

I love seeing the differences in people. I love seeing the great array of complexities patients bring into my office. And, at a deep level, I love to get a sense how various people sense the world around them. We are so different, yet so much the same. Our human nature pulls us together. Facebook wins because we all, at some level, feel lonely. We all crave for deeper meaning. One psychologist explained that we all search for the deeper meaning in life primarily in one of four ways: Through Truth, Through Oneness, Through Beauty, or Through Peace. This nature video will especially work on those of us who feel inspired with the beauty of nature. But, the rest of us will enjoy if we love the oneness of nature, or the peace imparted by nature, or the truths imparted by nature. 

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