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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis: MRI views noting Inflammation not Tearing

Dr Rich Blake and the Center For Sports Medicine Singing Group (aka Richie and the Saints) from Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco sing " I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" at this year's Christmas Bash. Since there are hardly anymore record stores, see if iTunes is selling it. 

This is a great MRI scan showing intense inflammation around the plantar fascia just in front of the heel bone. The pain was so severe the MRI was done to rule out a tear in the plantar fascia or a calcaneal (heel bone) stress fracture. With the MRI you can look at the plantar fascia in all 3 body planes to make sure you are not missing anything.

Here the MRI section is a little closer to the heel bone showing some greater inflammation settling under the heel (called bursitis). Again, no tear is noted but in both views the plantar fascia would be considered thicker than normal from scarring. The health care provider must treat the intense inflammation initially before actual work can begin on the thickened plantar fascia (this is where ART shines--Active Release Technique--not colored crayons and ceramic bowls).

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