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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hallux Rigidus/Limitus: Use of Carbon Graphite Plates to Restrict Motion

Hi Dr. Blake,
I have to come in and get the new orthotics you made for me in the fall readjusted. I have been wearing my old orthotics.  But the reason for my email  is that I met a woman last week who has bone spurs in the
big toe metatarsal and she wears a carbon steel insert in her shoes to immobilize   that joint. She said it really is effective and she swears by them. Nobody has ever mentioned this type of orthotic for my Hallux Rigidus. My feet sweat so much
that the tape (spica) doesn’t last very long.   What are the pros / cons of the carbon steel orthotic as opposed to the one that you made for me?

Evonne, The carbon steel inserts are somewhat difficult to use for some patients. It is also a surface that is so unforgiving, I worry it will hurt someone. I have only used once on a patient, and was very frustrated. That is not to say that I should recommend the product more. I will attach several links l so you can try and give me your feedback. I will definitely share that feedback on my blog. Rich Definitely purchase one, and bring in for your next appt. Schedule one hour.   (see the Morton's Extension Plate) (can be used under the orthotic device)  (this can be used under the orthotic device)   (this can not be used under orthotic device)

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