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Monday, May 28, 2012

Musings from A Footstool: Let's Celebrate Our Feet!!

Blogging on Sunday is Musings from a Footstool

Anyone who sees the following Celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary will know that San Francisco knows how to Celebrate. My wife and I watched this from my office yesterday. Unbelieveable!!

Celebrations are a great part of life, my family tries to celebrate everything, it connects you to life, to others, to joy, to this world around us.

When was the last time we celebrated our Feet. May is actually National Foot Health Awareness Month, and I am waiting to the end of the month to ask you to celebrate your feet. Do something nice to your feet this week. Buy some new shoes (another excuse!!), paint your nails, scrub off some calluses, massage your arches, be more committed to your YogaToes, make an appointment with your podiatrist if something hurts, or just say thank you.

In saying thank you to your feet, you stop for a moment to appreciate them. All they have done for you. The walks they allowed you to take, the marathons they endured, the start and stop in tennis or basketball they provided, the spring in your step when you heard good news.

My feet allow me to stand tall, jump for joy, take a charge in basketball, run to catch a bus, run to catch my children (and someday hopefully my grandchildren).

Thank you feet. Even as a podiatrist, I do not say thank you enough. Thanks for a job well done!! I will try to treat you better. Not abuse you as much. Thanks for letting me celebrate all the joys in life like the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary. Thank you.

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