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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chronic Warts: Email Correspondence

Dr. Blake

I actually just read the following post regarding chronic warts:

I also have had chronic warts on my foot since 1999 (from 1 to as many as 20). I've tried a lot of different techniques, including freezing/shaving, surgical removal (twice, in 1999 and 2006), and most recently burning them off using an East Asian technique that is apparently common in Korea--effectively wetting finely ground grass and creating a "fuse" to the wart, and then lighting it til the fire becomes too close/painful, 10 times per session, per wart. In the first or second iteration of each of the treatments mentioned above, the warts were removed after 6-8 weeks, but each time they came back w/ greater resistance. In the summer of 2007 I had approximately 20 warts on both feet just one year after I had my one wart surgically removed in a bloody operation in '06; and my mother suggested the fire technique which, to my joy, removed all 20 warts in about 6 weeks. Several months later, a few warts appeared on the balls of my left foot, followed by one wart on the balls of my right foot. Tried the fire again, this time to limited effect. I gave up, figuring I could live w/ a couple warts. However this year I've taken on running as a more serious hobby, and the pain from the warts on the balls of my feet are a real impediment.

Can you recommend a doctor for me in the NYC or Stamford area?  Your run of the mill podiatrists want to continue to freeze and shave, but the last few incidences of freezing/shaving have only caused warts to spread. I even had one podiatrist who prescribed some herpes pills to help stop the spread of the plantar warts a few years back, to no effect.

Would very much appreciate the reference.


Dr Blake's comment: 

Dear James: The podiatric guru in that area has just retired, but I am sure will tell you who to see in the Stamford area. His name is Dr Michael Sabia. Here is his contact info. 

Michael L. Sabia, Jr, DPM
217 Haviland Road
Stamford, CT
Phone: 203-322-0082
Cell: 203-912-6232
Graduate TUCPM - 1970; Residency Guiffre Med Center - Philadelphia, PA - 1971
Specialty board: ABPOPPM
Currently retired from practice. Was in group of podiatric medicine and surgery for 40 years. Active with civic and sports groups for all of practice life.

When dealing with warts, which are living viruses, I always think about compromises in health. My big question to you regards your overall health picture and could there be some reason that your body can not deal with the virus well. Have you had your overall health checked both with western medicine, and more naturopathic doctors? Have you had normal bloodwork? I at least would have an internal medicine specialist check you out looking at areas of immune compromise. There are some new, and probably more expensive, lab tests regarding immunity. Immunity is your ability to fight virus, bacteria, fungus, cancer, etc, anything that attacks you. Hope this helps you. Dr Rich Blake
Michael L. Sabia, Jr, DPM
AAPSM Fellow

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