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Friday, June 29, 2012

Taping Supplies: Nexcare Product Stronger Than Kinesiotape for Foot Injuries

Hi Rich,

The tape I use is 3M Nexcare absolute waterproof.
It is much stronger than the Kinesiotape for my big toe joint taping.
It does not irritate the skin and can last 3 days.
I purchased mine at the local Walgreens.

Thanks for all your help today.

I am grateful, and so are my feet!


Nexcare Tape for Hallux Rigidus/Sesamoiditis Pain
Nexcare Tape Sideview Hallux Rigidus/Sesamoiditis

The following video on Big Toe Joint Taping have the Kinesiotape switched to Nexcare or Rocktape.


  1. Dear Dr. Blake,
    I am an active (swim, pilates, yoga, circuit train, walk) 52-year old female with severe arthritis in hands and feet. Three years ago I had cheilectomy with osteotomy on left big toe. This relieved pain for nearly two years. I wear MBT shoes most of the day, avoid heels over 2 inches, take NSAIDs, etc. Now having severe stomach issues. No more NSAIDs. Discomfort is near-constant. I will try the taping procedure you recommend.

    Here is my question:
    I am scheduled for surgery July 18. Was leaning toward joint fusion, but wonder about joint replacement. My doc will do either, but cautions that I will likely wear out the joint replacement in fewer than ten years, possibly a few as 5. I will then need another surgery. This makes me hesitate.

    Please offer your opinion.

  2. Additional Info:
    Also had Morton's Neuroma removed. No cartilage remaining. Several bone spurs and cysts. Bone on bone with severe degradation in head of metatarsal.

    Hoping your taping procedure will save my right foot, which is several years behind the left!

  3. Kim, I just responded with a post on June 30, 2012 entitled "Hallux Rigidus Post Op Email Advice". Sure hope it helps. Rich


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