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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Video on the Shoe Flexion and Torsion Tests when Stability Important

With the big push in the shoe industry to make lighter and more flimsier shoes, I thought it only appropriate to show the how a podiatrist, physical therapist, and good shoe store manager would evaluate a shoe for stability. A shoe must bend at the exact spot that your foot bends across the metatarsals, thus the shoe industry has gone to great effort to get this right per size. Being a size 15 shoe myself, I find it a big disservice to stop making 1/2 sizes at 13. Definitely, the shoe should never bend mainly at the arch or plantar fasciitis and other problems may occur. The torsion test makes sure that the shoe has some stability across the arch area. For those with foot problems, some disabling, this stability as crucial. But, research out of the University of Virginia documenting the importance of arch stability to knee problems also. Sore knees, perhaps it is from the poor support you get from your shoes!! Here is a lasting shot of a store front ad in Barcelona where my wife and I were vacationing. The ability of the shoe to bend like this was being portraited as something good, but I doubt it!!

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