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Friday, September 21, 2012

Foot Strengthening: Email Response

Maryann (name changed), Here are the 4 specific foot strengthening exercises I recommended a long time ago, and then proceeded not to send you. After you review them, you can ask me more specific information. Remember not to do these exercises if there is any pain involved. 

1. Peroneal Longus Strengthening

2. Posterior Tibial Strengthening

3. Intrinsics with Metatarsal Doming 

4. Intrinsics with Theraband (specifically the short flexors)

It is important when doing the met doming and toe theraband not to curl your toes. Start with one set of ten, and over 3 months, gradually increase to 3 sets of ten with 20 second break between. Slowly increase the tension on the theraband, as long as you can avoid curling your toes. 

The final exercise I would do 2 minutes on each foot every evening is the Single Leg Balancing Exercise. Hope these are helpful for you. Rich

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