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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fractured Sesamoid: Email Advice

I was diagnosed with a fractured fibular sesamoid about 10 weeks ago and advised to treat it wearing insoles and recently with a cortisone injection. I am keen to get back to running as I have already missed several races. How long do these sort of injuries take to heal as I am still getting pain. Will it be case of just getting on with it and stop moaning or should I continue to seek the treatment and advice from my podiatrist? I also suffer numbess between my 3rd and 4th toe ( the other foot, not related to this injury) what could be causing this and is it something I should mention? Your previous comments are very interesting which is why I decided to seek your advice. Thank you

Dr Blake's response:

     I am so sorry that I have taken so long to respond. Fractured sesamoids normally take 3 months in a protective removable boot, followed by a weaning out process with you in shoes/orthotics to protect it. Some of these take longer, and pain has to be your guide. I love MRIs to follow the healing, and you have to wait 3 months minimum between MRIs to see if healing is occurring and at what rate. Some fibular sesamoid fractures need bone stimulators. The numbness is a pinched nerve of some sort. It could be a developing Morton's neuroma or some referred pain from the back. When you are treated for the sesamoid with inserts, you probably will have to try to shift weight both off the sesamoid and behind the nerve. These are common orthotic adjustments. Again, so sorry for my tardiness. Rich Blake

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