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Saturday, September 8, 2012

ReachuP Foundation: Cofounded by Podiatrist Dr Joan Oloff

This is an announcement from Podiatry Management Online Service. Kudos to these great women!! See the link below for more excitement!!

CA Podiatrist Teams up With Soccer Legend for Charity Event
Soccer legend and Olympic, U.S. National Team, and World Cup soccer hero Brandi Chastain will host a co-ed all-star celebrity soccer match and post-game Radio Disney concert on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at San Jose Municipal Stadium in San Jose, CA. For the second year, the game will support the ReachuP! Foundation, which Chastain co-founded with Los Gatos podiatrist, Dr. Joan Oloff.
(L-R) Brandi Chastain and Dr. Joan Oloff
"What Dr. Oloff and I have come to realize is how young girls continue to crave inspiration and connections with mentors. The ReachuP! Foundation was created to provide a community where young girls can be inspired, empowered and challenged to reach beyond what they feel their limitations may be," said Chastain.
Source: OurSports Central [9/7/12]

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