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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Designing Orthotic Devices from Afar


I am  21 years old and i live in Egypt. I suffer from flat feet and i wanted to ask if i can custom a special steel orthotic matches my feet size, and if there are any other types of workout to help curing it.

thank you,

Dr Blake's response:

 I would be happy to work with you. I do not work with Steel but have found 3/16 inch (4.7 mm) polypropylene work great and gives some spring to the arch. The best is to buy a Biofoam box and try to make an impression of your feet. Then mail the box to Dr Rich Blake, 900 Hyde Street, San Francisco, Calif, 94109, and I will try to make something. It will take 2 -3 tries due to the long distance, but based on the feedback you give me on the first set, we should be able to figure out where to make changes. The link to buy the box is below. Probably sending me a video of you walking back and forth in a 15 foot area will give me better idea what you need. Rich Hope it works. 

Also, it is extremely important to do daily foot and ankle strengthening exercises. Never exercise through pain, but you should be able to gradually strengthen your flat feet. Here is a video to get you started. Rich


  1. I have lost both my peritoneal tendons (longus and brevis) on my left foot. I've had two failed surgeries. I'm using a brace made for drop foot which I do not have but need something to keep me from falling. I've been wearing orthotics for decades but after watching your posted video on how to make orthotics for my issues, I see much more needs to be done to mine before they can be effective. I've been to all the specialist I can find in Massachusetts. Do you know any professional in New England who is trained to make the orthotics as you recommend them to be made near me? If not, I would like to work with you to have some made. I am willing to come across the country to work directly with you if that is necessary.

    1. I would see if Dr Joseph D'Amico at the New York College of Podiatry could see you and asses the problem. He is a biomechanics guy, or he may know someone very close to you. Hopefully you can stay close. The brace shop you use may have recommendations of the doctors in your area that can work with you. Rich


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